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Wardrobe Guarantee

Freshly dry-cleaned and delivered to your door, nationwide.

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Giving you the finest, freshly-cleaned clothes, bags and shoes have been our priority sinceday one. This is why we’ve partnered with the largest networks of dry-cleaners locally to bring our guarantee to life and always deliver on the quality you’ve come to expect from us. When you rent something on Wardrobe, it’s not only the most Earth-friendly way to rent, we guarantee a clean garments, bags and boxes.

Dry-cleaning is proven germicide.

Wardrobe’s partnerships with dry cleaners ensure all garments are sanitized to the highest standard while supporting local business along the way.

Between each use, our inventory is professionally dry-cleaned so you can have a worry-free luxury rental experience every time.

Our reusable packaging is sanitized to create an end-to-end green and clean experience.

rent dresses, bags, shoes
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