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Boost Your Revenue and Increase Your Customer Base

Ready to increase your cleaning revenue and reach new customers in your neighborhood?

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No need to wait for your cash - we’ll start a corporate account with you that you can charge bi-weekly. There are no fees or upfront costs, and we do not take commissions.

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Access or opt-out of the Wardrobe system whenever you want. There’s no hidden agenda - we’re excited to partner & drive revenue to community businesses!

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Increase Revenue

After joining Wardrobe dry cleaners see an increase in revenue from rentals + customer acquisition.

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Dry cleaners who join Wardrobe see an increase in brand exposure through the Wardrobe app, and increased foot traffic.

New Customers

Tap into potential customers in your neighborhood, Wardrobe will do the marketing for you.

Easy-to-use Technology

Streamline the customer’s experience with Wardrobe’s comprehensive, simple Hub OS platform that can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or phone.

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Earn dry-cleaning fees.

For each item of ours that gets cleaned, you earn dry-cleaning fees.

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You bill us directly for all dry cleaning.

Step 4

No hidden agenda.

Continue doing what you’re doing, and call yourself a Wardrobe Partner!

Wardrobe Hub Checklist

  • Get NoticedWardrobe will provide your location(s) with a Wardrobe logo sticker verifying that you are a certified Wardrobe partner
  • Hub OSA Wardrobe representative will schedule an in-store training with you and your staff.
  • Designated Rack SpaceCreate a seamless pickup and drop off experience by designating a rack or conveyor belt space for Wardrobe.
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At a time when fashion and the cleaning industry is changing, Wardrobe is the perfect partner for us. We never thought of ourselves as a fashion location, so it’s pretty cool! It’s reliable, recurring income for us and it lets us focus on our work, which is to clean garments.

Joseph Lee J’s Cleaners (NYC’s largest dry-cleaning chain)
vintage fashion

“Wardrobe is the new fashion app that just might save the planet”

-Fashion Week Daily
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